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During your last dental appointment, your dentist may have recommended you to consider getting dental implants. You are still confused and hesitant, so you search the internet for concrete answers about all your questions with regard to its cost, use, and procedure. You stumbled upon dental implants Bali offers, and its low cost instantly caught your attention and interest. Should you pursue it? Here are some things you need to know about dental tourism, and dental implants Bali in particular.


Dental implants Bali: Its similarities and difference

If you are thinking about getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you may have heard that a lot of Australians are flying to tourist destinations offering dental tourism at a lower cost. This business strategy of advertising cheap dental services makes it so irresistible to foreigners whose own country has prohibitive and costly dental procedures. For instance, what makes dental implants Bali similar and different from the implants in Australia?




They are similar in use. Dental implants are a gold standard when it comes to teeth replacements. Compared to dental bridges, crowns, and dentures that are too artificial-looking and removable, dental implants are permanent and fixed as it is surgically attached to the jawbone, just as a natural tooth is.

Dental implants Bali offers claim to use the same brands. Since a lot of manufacturers all over the world are now producing different kinds, types, and sizes of dental implants, Bali dental clinics advertise that the implants they use to their local and foreign patients are the same as that of what first-world countries use.


Expert dentists perform them. The dental implants Bali dental clinics have been advertised as surgically-placed teeth replacements by trained and experienced specialist dentists and surgeons. The level of work these dentists have can compete with the level of excellence dentists earned in countries like the US, UK, and even Australia.



The techniques. Of course, every dentist would have their own way of performing surgery or procedure based on their knowledge and experience. As dental implant surgery may follow a standard course of treatment, the way surgeons perform them may still differ.

The cost. This factor is the number one reason why thousands of Australians go to different countries advertising dental tourism. Dental implants Bali dentists and clinics advertise and way cheaper than what you may have been quoted here in Australia. The low fees this surgery incur may be affected by the cost of living in Indonesia, the expertise of the surgeon, the materials they use, among many other things.

The level of safety standards. One of the reasons why dental expenses are so costly in Australia is because of the strict and rigid health and safety standards being imposed by the government. The level of quality the implants must have, the experience and specialisation a dentist must earn can be on a different level of what was being offered elsewhere.


Finding the best provider of your dental needs is essential for every individual. May it be dental implants Bali dentists perform or dentures Thailand provides, acknowledging and patronising dental tourism is acceptable if the benefits of it outweigh the risks. What we should prioritise and be more critical with is one’s safety. Let us not forget that our overall well-being should be more important than getting the best financial deal.

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